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Are you looking for custom ceiling beams in Tampa that add visual interest and personality to your home? Exposed ceiling beams are an intriguing architectural feature that can make a space feel unique. They are typically made of wood, but other materials or a combination of materials can be used as well.

Timber beams can be stained or painted, and extra moldings can be attached or decorated in other ways.

Here at Rise & Run Woodworking, we offer a wide variety of ceiling beams, each better and more unique than the last one.

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Types of Ceiling Beams

A ceiling with exposed beams can be installed in your house in a variety of ways. Here are a few of the most typical ceiling beam types that are frequently used in residential construction and other structures of a similar nature.

  • Hammer-Beam Ceiling

    A building’s interior can have a lot of open vertical space thanks to hammer beams. Short horizontal and vertical beams that are bracketed to the walls and used to support the roof are known as hammer beams.

    The walls and ceiling of a room or building can be seen as clearly and uninterruptedly as possible by keeping the beams close to them. In large churches or cathedrals, hammer beam roofs are typical.

  • Boxed Beam Ceiling 

    Beams in a boxed ceiling beam are arranged in a waffle-like pattern. This type of finish, which looks great with painted or stained beams, is comparable to coffered ceilings that are laid out in square or rectangular patterns.

  • Faux Wooden Beams

    Not all types of beams serve to support the roof. Some are purely decorative. As a result, they don’t need to be very solid and sturdy; they just need to appear to be.

    Faux wooden beams have three sides and are hollow on the inside. When viewed from below, they resemble regular beams, but they are not as heavy and do not serve the same purpose.

  • Faux Wooden Beams

    Not all types of beams serve to support the roof. Some are purely decorative. As a result, they don’t need to be very solid and sturdy; they just need to appear to be.

    Faux wooden beams have three sides and are hollow on the inside. When viewed from below, they resemble regular beams, but they are not as heavy and do not serve the same purpose.

  • Polyurethane Beams

    If you’re not a fan of solid wood beams, there are some alternatives to consider.

    Polyurethane beams are a particularly appealing option because they are lightweight, which is a significant advantage in many cases, making the entire installation process much easier.

They are also preferable for structures located in earthquake-prone areas. They can still be painted or stained in the same way that regular wood beams can.

Different Styles of Ceiling Beams

Rise & Run Woodworking provides you with all the options you need to style your home when it comes to ceiling beams. Here are five of our most well-acclaimed ceiling beam styles in Tampa:

Custom Ceiling Beams
  • Dramatic

    The exposed ceiling beams’ high contrast with the ceiling’s own matte white and high-gloss black finish creates a striking visual style that permeates the entire traditionally black-and-white space. High contrasts in design are always appealing, and ceiling beams may be the ideal medium for such contrast.

  • Contemporary Concrete

    These ceiling beams in Tampa are ideal for those who prefer a modern, minimalist look. It’s urban chic design with clean lines that captivates the eyes of anyone viewing it!

  • Edgy and Explicit

    When your decor embraces industrial elements, you can get away with having exposed ductwork and an electrical system as well as a steel-ceiling beam.

  • Modern Rustic 

    Warmth and texture are added to a kitchen by chunky crossbeams and rough-finished wood ceiling planks with a raw feel. The room feels more like a modern cottage than a log cabin thanks to the abundance of neutral colors, the variety of textiles and surfaces, and the punch of black.

  • Chic Simplicity

    A room with a heavily beamed wood ceiling, unfinished concrete walls, a stained concrete floor, and lots of natural light is the perfect setting for embracing the organic aspect of simple, stylish design. Between these angular architectural lines, there is a gorgeously understated sense of harmony and peace.

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Advantages of High-Quality Ceiling Beams

Decorative beams can undoubtedly make your house more interesting. Additionally, they have a lot of other advantages.

Some benefits of having ceiling beams are listed below.

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  • Great for Extremely High Ceilings

    Decorative beams can add interest while narrowing the scope of the room.

  • Can Refine the Ceiling

    Decorative ceiling beams can improve a variety of home designs, from Tuscan to farmhouses. To finish the design, you simply need to pick a textured beam that complements the interior design of the space.

    Ceiling beams do not need to be structurally sound to be incorporated into the design of your home. These lovely accents can be strictly decorative and still have a significant impact. Wood beams can also be used to make rustic fireplace mantels or wall shelves.

  • Increase Value

    Ceiling beams have a dramatic visual impact on an area and can give your home a unique touch. They can also be customized to fit different fashions. Your home’s resale value can be increased with these as well.

  • Variety and Aesthetic Appeal

    The materials used in your exposed ceiling beam, as well as how you finish them, will affect the overall feel of the room. Metal beams will give your room an industrial feel, whereas exposed oak beams in your kitchen will give it a French Provincial feel.

If stained beams are your focus, make sure they are of sufficient quality to serve as a visual feature. Similarly, if you’re using beams to create geometric patterns on your ceiling, make sure your design is flawlessly planned and constructed precisely.

Disadvantages of Poor Quality Ceiling Beams

Though beams are beautiful decorative additions to ceilings, they do have a few drawbacks. One disadvantage is that it can make a room feel less intimate, especially with high ceilings, and it can also overpower small rooms with its intricate appearance.

A room with a beamed ceiling in Tampa also has less insulation, which means it will cost you more to warm and cool the place. Installing ceiling beams in Tampa can also be costly because the materials and workmanship must be of high quality for it to look truly spectacular.

Therefore, it is extremely crucial that you opt for only top-quality ceiling beams in Tampa.

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