Crown Molding Installation

Are you looking for a decorative feature with a wall and ceiling converge? Crown molding was initially installed for functional reasons; it wasn’t until much later that it became coveted as a decorative element in space—while still serving its practical purpose.

Initially, trims and moldings were used to fill holes where various building materials mated. It evolved to become more and more elegant, and as a result, we now have this excellent molding history.

Crown Molding Custom Woodworking Tampa FL
Crown Molding Tampa FL

The Purpose of Crown Molding

It is mainly used for decoration. It was traditionally used to conceal cracks between the wall and the ceiling.

Crown molding Tampa styles vary significantly in terms of both form and function. Because crown trim has a long history, architectural styles ranging from Victorian to Art Deco are available. Here at Rise & Run Woodworking, Crown Molding Tampa has a large selection of readily available styles for homeowners looking to update their homes.

  • Cabinets: Adds height to your ceiling while providing stunning detail to your space.

  • Entryways: Transforms archways and other openings into focal points. Entryways, for example, are the ideal canvas for classic designs.

  • Mantels: Improves the look of your room by adding more detail to your fireplace. By adding crown molding to a fireplace mantel, you can change the style of a room or bring out its vintage look.

  • Bookshelves: Adds height and dimension to a plain bookshelf..

  • Hiding wires: Helps conceal cables or wires and enables you to avoid the hassle of drilling holes in your walls.

Crown molding Tampa, regardless of style or location, transforms a room. It gives a room a more mature, classy, or opulent feel.

It also adds a finishing touch to a room, making it ideal for finished basements because it creates a more inviting atmosphere.

The decorative addition is suitable for walls and ceilings, but you can be as creative as you want to enhance your space. If you consider our Crown Molding Tampa, we will make your furniture more eye-catching.

Different Types of Crown Molding

There are multiple kinds are available in a variety of materials. Some of the most popular ones are:

  • Wood: One of the more conventional materials is wood. Installing and maintaining it is more straightforward than plaster, with fewer cracking issues.

  • Plaster: Plaster is a common material for crown molding, much like wood.

    The best places for plaster crown molding are in rooms with large, elaborate designs and high ceilings, like two-story entryways, where it draws attention and has a significant visual impact.

  • Flex or Rubber: This material is flexible, as the name implies. Rubber is lightweight and easy to install, making it a good choice for curved rooms.

    Flex, on the other hand, is not long-lasting. If you don’t handle it carefully, it rips, scratches, and dents.

    Rubber also has a natural sheen, which gives its finish a less professional appearance than other materials.

  • Styrofoam: At first glance, styrofoam appears to be a good option because it is lightweight and inexpensive. Styrofoam is too delicate. Because it is so light, it is easily damaged during installation.

  • Peel and Stick: This is made of thin plastic and is a cheap and quick alternative. Although it is simple to install, it does not provide a professional finish.

    The thin plastic and adhesive can’t hold their strength over time, so your efforts will be in vain.

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Rise & Run Woodworking Crown Molding Tampa Benefits

Crown molding has many advantages that make it an excellent addition to any home. Among these advantages are:

Custom Crown Molding Tampa FL
  • Increased Home Value: It completes and adds interest to a room. The result is a stylized and elegant appearance that adds value to your home.

    Here at Rise & Run Woodworking, we offer to match the style of your home — ornate styles complement traditional homes, while clean lines are required for modern homes.

  • Getting Rid of Wall and Ceiling Flaws: Install crown molding where the wall and ceiling meet to conceal minor flaws.

    Its flexibility allows it to be slightly bent to reach from corner to corner of a room if the roof is uneven.

    If your cabinets highlight an uneven ceiling or other irregularities in your home, you can use crown it above the upper cabinets to create the illusion of an even ceiling.

  • Covering Cracks: Crown molding in Tampa can conceal minor cracks, especially in older homes.

    While it is frequently used for decoration, it is also cost-effective to cover gaps between your ceiling and wall.

  • Styles to Suit your Home and Taste

    Ornate crown molding may be associated with the walls of classy, elegant, and vintage homes, but it can also be used in modern homes.

    These varieties can then be painted to match your personality and home. Experiment with different styles in different rooms based on their function, and play with color to create your personal space.

  • Furnishing the Walls in High-Ceiling Rooms: High ceilings make a space more open, but they can also feel empty sometimes.

    It draws the eye upward by adding interest to the highest part of the wall. You can use more comprehensive versions of crown molding Tampa because higher ceilings have more space than lower ones.

    High ceilings often have an elegant feel, so adding details to your home will only reinforce that feeling.

    With the simple addition, we can make your grand space feel even more magnificent.

  • Numerous Widths: To accommodate your low ceilings, choose narrower widths. With the proper trim, it  will not make your room appear smaller.

    To make the space feel larger, use a light color or the same color as your walls or ceiling.

    Crown molding Tampa is available for rooms that are not perfectly square, whether the walls curve or have many corners.

Custom Crown Molding Tampa

Installation of The Best Wood Crown Molding in Tampa by Rise & Run Woodworking

Wood is one of the more complex types to install. If you prefer wood, you can use our Crown molding Tampa service.

Finish carpentry skills, specifically the ability to cut and fit inside coping joints, are required for installing wood crown molding.

Back beveling is a precise process of cutting and filing away the backside of the molding to create a fluid front edge that perfectly fits the adjoining trim profile.

Coping joints, when installed correctly, resemble miter joints but do not gap. Inside wood miter joints are discouraged because the attachment method (nailing or screwing) causes the joints to the gap.

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